If you do not have a lot of space to put a big hot tub we would like to recommend you a Japanese bath Ofuro. It is a small version of a hot tub, where 2 to 4 persons can sit very comfortably. The Ofuros are available both in pure wood and with fiberglass interior.

Bain nordique Ofuro
Bain nordique Ofuro
Bain nordique Ofuro
Bain nordique Ofuro
Bain nordique Ofuro
Bain nordique Ofuro
Bain nordique Ofuro
Bain nordique Ofuro
Bain nordique Ofuro
Bain nordique Ofuro
Bain nordique Ofuro
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SizeØ100 cm130 x 80 cm160 x 100 cm170 x 100 cm
700 litres700 litres1100 litres750 litres
Type of wood1 person2 persons2 persons+2 persons
Siberian Spruce120013001450-
Siberian Larch140015001650-
Spruce with fiberglass interior---1800
Larch with fiberglass interior---1950
Thermowood with fiberglass interior---1950
All ofuros are equiped with external heaters.

Japanese hot tub Ofuro will arrive at your home fully assembled and equipped with:

  • Wooden barrel (wall thickness 45 mm); or
  • Wooden barrel with fiberglass interior (wall thickness 24 mm);
  • External AISI 430 stainless steel heater 22 kW with 2 meter chimney and rain cap;
  • Stainless steel belts (for wooden barrel only);
  • Wooden benches or closed fiberglass benches;
  • Entry stairs;
  • Water drainage plug;
  • Mini bar (bottle holder);
  • Wooden cover;
  • Paddle to mix water.

Additional options are:



  • More powerful external heater 28 kW AISI 430 – 150 Euro
  • AISI 304 stainless steel resistant to chlorine – 110 Euro
  • AISI 316 stainless steel resistant to chlorine, salt and sea water – 180 Euro

Electrical heaters (to keep water warm):Hot tub electrical heater

  • Electrical heater 3 kW with pump – 550 Euro
  • Electrical heater 6 kW with pump – 620 Euro

Reduction of time and cost of heating:

Design elements:

External wood treatment:

  • Hot-tub-coloursLinseed oil – 90 Euro
  • Painting – 100 Euro

Water treatment:

Jacuzzi systems:




All prices are in Euro, VAT included.

Free delivery in Belgium, small delivery fee to the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, etc.

Unloading and installation in Belgium – 70 Euro

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.

10-50% prepayment required.

Please contact us to receive a personal offer!