Original wooden hot tubs look very natural and are pleasant to touch and smell. However, they require a little more maintenance. Wooden tubs should always be filled with water, as otherwise the wood will dry and shrink. The very nature of the wood can sometimes cause small water leaks. If you do not like synthetic materials, a tub of pure wood is the right choice for you.
Bain nordique
Bain nordique en bois
Bain nordique en bois
Bain nordique
Bain nordique en bois
Bain nordique en bois
Bain nordique en bois
Bain nordique en bois
Bain nordique en bois
Bain nordique en bois
Bain nordique en bois
Bain nordique en bois
Bain nordique en bois
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 SizeØ160 cmØ180 cmØ200 cmØ220 cm
Volume1800 liters2300 liters2800 liters3500 liters
Capacity4-6 persons6-8 persons8-10 persons9-12 persons
Internal heater22 kW22 kW26 kW26 kW
Siberian Spruce2.280 €2.365 €2.625 €2.855 €
Thermowood2.715 €2.945 €3.195 €3.540 €
Integrated heater28 kW28 kW32 kW32 kW
Siberian Spruce2.670 €2.755 €3.100 €3.210 €
Thermowood3.035 €3.265 €3.610 €3.815 €
External heater22 kW22 kW28 kW28 kW
Siberian Spruce2.710 €2.795 €3.210 €3.345 €
Thermowood3.060 €3.290 €3.700 €3.930 €

A fully wooden hot tub will arrive at your home fully assembled and equipped with:

  • Wooden barrel (wall thickness 45 mm);
  • Wood fired heater in AISI 430 stainless steel (fresh water only);
  • 2 meter chimney with rain cap;
  • Stainless steel belts;
  • Wooden bench;
  • Wooden fence with cup holder for internal and integrated heater;
  • Ash removal set (for internal heater only);
  • Entry stairs (LxWxH: 60x60x60 cm);
  • Water drainage plug;
  • Wooden cover;
  • Edge board around the top edge of the hot tub;
  • Paddle to mix water.

Additional options are:

Internal heaters:

  • Stainless steel cover  – 135 Euro VIEW

External heaters:

  • Heater door with glass – 80 Euro
  • Elbows to turn the heater 90 degrees – 95Euro

Integrated heaters:

  • Bain nordique en plastiqueHeater door with glass – 80 Euro
  • Wooden cover on top of integrated heater – 40 Euro VIEW

Stainless steel:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel resistant to chlorine – 50 Euro
  • AISI 316 stainless steel resistant to chlorine, salt and sea water – 150 Euro

Design elements:

External wood treatment:

  • Linseed oil – 100 Euro
  • Impregnation of bottom – 100 Euro

Water treatment:

  • Connections for a filter – 90 Euro
  • Sand filtration system – 600 Euro

Jacuzzi systems:

Large stairs:




Delivery time: 3-6 weeks.

Free delivery in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, small extra delivery fee to France,  Germany, Switzerland, etc.

Installation service in Belgium (optional) – 200 Euro.

All prices are VAT included. For customers in Switzerland, VAT is 0% instead of 21%.

Warranty: 2 years.

Please contact us for a detailed offer or for any additional questions.