DELUXE hot tub with acrylic interior is the most modern product in our hot tub range. It has a closed ergonomic bench that saves ~ 15% water and an integrated acrylic decorative rim on the top edge of the tub that will never rot or change the color. The round model has an exceptionally attractive integrated steel heater discreetly hidden under the bench. DELUXE hot tub can be equipped with the widest variety of additional equipment: massage system, filtration system, LED lights, etc.
Acrylic is more durable than fiberglass, more scratch resistant and most importantly completely resistant to chemical pruducts. An acrylic hot tub is perceived as more hygienic compared to a fully wooden hot tub. It never leaks and can be kept empty; its bowl is very easy to clean with a sponge. You can choose between a wooden or a leather cover. The fact that the hot tub in acrylic has very little wooden parts makes it almost indestructible. The color of the acrylic is very beautiful and truly exceptional. Acrylic can be pearl white, pearl gray, and pearl blue.
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Hot tub bain nordique
Bain nordique
Bain nordique en fibre de verre
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en fibre de verre
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Bain nordique en acrylique
Acrylique couleurs
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 Interior diameterØ 180 cmØ 205 cm
Capacity4-6 persons6-8 persons
Type of woodVolume1300 liters1600 liters
Siberian Spruce with acrylic interior2,750 €3,200 €
Siberian Larch with acrylic interior2,950 €3,400 €
Thermowood with acrylic interior2,950 €3,400 €
Composite wood with acrylic interior3,250 €3,700 €


Bain nordiqueSpruce is white coloured, light, soft, flexible and naturally good looking. It is one of the strongest types of timber and is imported from Siberia. It doesn’t conduct heat and doesn’t leak resin. Spruce is the cheapest option but it is susceptible to rot therefore must be regularly treated and sealed. In order to make a spruce tub more durable it is necessary to impregnate (paint) the outside surface of the tub 2-3 times a year. 

Bain nordiqueLarch is light red coloured, strong, hard, water-proof and above all – rot resistant. Because of its density it is very durable even without additional finishing and requires no harmful chemicals to preserve it. It is virtually irreplaceable in situations where chemical finishing of wood is not permitted but its durability in all weather conditions must be guaranteed. Over time its resilience and density will only grow.

Bain-nordique-deluxeThermowood is darker than natural wood, more weather-proof and more resistant to rot. Its insulation qualities are better, it suffers from less moisture deformation and is more stable. The production process improves the dimensional stability and biological durability of the wood. If you want to preserve the natural colour of Thermowood it is recommended to treat the wood with linseed oil.

Bain-nordique-deluxeWood-plastic composite is a material composed of wood fibers and plastic resins. It is a material that does not gray, does not contain splinters and is resistant to slipping. It does not require any special maintenance and should be able to be recycled indefinitely. It is very durable and will not be affected by insects, UV rays, high humidity, temperature fluctuations, etc.

A hot tub with acrylic interior will arrive at your home fully assembled and equipped with:

  • Wooden barrel with acrylic interior (wall thickness 24 mm);
  • Integrated heater 35 kW (very fast heating 2-3 hours);
  • AISI 430 stainless steel (only for sweet water);
  • 2 meter chimney and rain cap;
  • Chimney protection against burns; VIEW
  • Closed bench (saves ~15% of water);
  • Wooden lid;
  • Acrylic edge around the top of the hot tub;
  • Entry stairs LxWxH: 60x60x60 cm;
  • Water drainage tap;
  • Paddle to mix water.

Acrylique couleursColours of acrylic:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue


Heaters and insulation:Leather Hot tub cover

  • AISI 304 stainless steel resistant to chemical products – 100 €
  • AISI 316 stainless steel resistant to chemical products and salt – 250 €
  • Electrical heater 3 kW (to keep water warm) – 550 €  VIEW
  • Wall and bottom insulation – 150 €  VIEW
  • Leather cover insulated with foam – 300 €  VIEW 

Design and comfort elements:Bain-nordique-deluxe

  • Leather headrest, per piece – 35 €  VIEW
  • Floating bar with LED light – 150 €  VIEW
  • Stainless steel belts, 2 pcs. – 70 €  VIEW

External wood treatment:Hot-tub-colours

  • Linseed oil – 100 €  VIEW
  • Painting – 100 €  VIEW

Water treatment:

  • Connections for the filter – 90 €  VIEW
  • Sand filter 0,6 kW with wooden box, connections and sand – 550 €  VIEW 
  • UV sand filter 0,6 kW with wooden box, connections and sand – 900 €  VIEW 

Bain nordique en boisJacuzzi systems:

  • LED lighting multicoloured (protection class IP68) 12 W – 150 €  VIEW
  • Air bubbles system (Jacuzzi bubbles) 0,7 kW – 600 €  VIEW
  • Hydro massage system, 6 water jets 0,75 kW – 600 €  VIEW
  • Hydro massage system, 10 water jets 1,1 kW – 700 €  VIEW
  • Hydro massage system 14 water jets 2,2 kW – 800 €  VIEW

Hot-tub-stairs_bain-nordique-escalier(5)Large stairs:

  • Stairs “XL” – 180 €  VIEW
  • Stairs “Royal” – 350 €  VIEW

Other accessories:

  • Tarpaulin PVC tent cover (for wooden lid) – 150 €  VIEW



Delivery time: 2-4 months.

Free delivery in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, small extra delivery fee to UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, etc.

Installation service in Belgium – 90 Euro.

Warranty: 2 years.

All prices in Euro, VAT included. For customers in Switzerland, VAT is 0% instead of 21%.

Please contact us to receive a personal offer!