FOREST SPA supplies more than 100 models of hand-made wood-fired hot tubs. Before giving you an exact quotation we need to know your wishes and requirements. Below we provide you more information about the variations of hot tub models and available optional accessories.  Once you have read this page, you will be able to make the best choice from our large product portfolio.


Crowded hot tubHot tub sizeThe bigger the hot tub the more people can enjoy it at the same time. In general we advise our customers not to choose the largest models (unless you really need it) due to longer heating times of the water. Shorter heating time for big hot tubs is possible with more powerful heater that can be ordered on request. Standard hot tubs are 1 meter high and can be produced in 9 different sizes. Custom hot tub sizes are available on request.

You don’t have direct access to your backyard and the door of your house is too small to fit the hot tub through? – No problem, we can deliver it disassembled and assembly it directly in your back yard.

If you do not have a lot of space to put a big hot tub we would like to recommend you a Japanese bath Ofuro. It is a small version of a hot tub, where 2 persons can sit very comfortably.

Small hot tub - ofuro
Small hot tub – ofuro 130 x 80 cm
Hot-tub_bain-nordique_ofuro (6)
Small hot tub – ofuro 130 x 80 cm

SizeCapacityAmount of waterHeating time*
Ø 100 cm1 person700 litres~1,5 hours
Ø 160 cm2-4 persons1600 litres~3 hours
Ø 180 cm4-6 persons2000 litres~3-4 hours
Ø 200 cm7-10 persons2500 litres~3-4 hours
Ø 220 cm9-12 persons3000 litres~4 hours
100 x 80 cm1 person500 litres~1,5 hours
130 x 80 cm2 persons700 litres~2 hours
160 x 110 cm2-4 persons1200 litres~2,5 hours
300 x 200 cm9-15 persons4300 litres~5-6 hours
*Approximate heating time when standard internal heater is used. Heating time may vary significantly (±1 hour) depending on initial water temperature and outside air temperature.


There are three main types of hot tubs:

  • Hot tub, made of 100% natural wood
  • Wooden hot tub with plastic interior
  • Wooden hot tub with fiberglass interior

Bain nordique en boisOriginal wooden hot tubs look very natural, are pleasant to touch and smell and provide the best atmosphere. However, they require a little more maintenance. Wooden tubs should always be filled with water, as otherwise the wood will dry and shrink and could eventually start to leak. Once in a while a wooden tub needs to be cleaned – a good brush and soap will help to keep it in a good condition. An alternative is to install a good filtration system. So, if you do not like synthetic materials, a tub of pure wood is the right choice for you. Note that it is cheaper too!

Bain nordique en plastiqueWooden hot tubs with plastic interiors require less maintenance. Therefore they are very well suited for use in guesthouses, ski resorts, hotels, etc., where it is important to clean the hot tub very often. The colour of the plastic can be light blue, light brown, or black. Although at first sight they might look less natural, there are many practical advantages to having a hot tub with plastic interior:

  • Plastic tub never leaks and can be kept empty;
  • It is easy to clean the plastic tub with a sponge;
  • It has a longer lifetime – after 15 years you can buy new planks and you will have a new hot tub again;
  • Generally the plastic tub is perceived as more hygienic.

Bain nordique en fibre de verreA hot tub with fiberglass interior has the same practical advantages as the hot tub with plastic interior. In addition it has integrated fiberglass benches that save ~15% of water and integrated fiberglass edge board on the top edge of the tub.

The colour of fiberglass can be white, pearl, blue, dark grey and black. You can choose from either wooden or fiberglass lid (the same colour or different than the tub). The fact that the hot tub in fiberglass has very little wooden parts makes it almost indestructible.
Another advantage: Jacuzzi massage systems (water jets or air bubbles) are installed under the benches so all the equipment and pipes are hidden inside. No external box is required and this makes the tub more aesthetic.


Hot tubs from FOREST SPA can be made from 3 types of wood:

  • Siberian Spruce,
  • Siberian Larch,
  • Thermowood.

Spruce and Larch are cheaper but require more maintenance. Thermowood is  more expensive but require less maintenance. The timber used in our tubs is imported from Siberia or Finland; the wood grows slowly in the cold climate and is much thicker and more resilient than timber grown in the warmer areas of Europe. Please find more information below about each type of wood used for hot tubs.

Spruce hot tub
Spruce hot tub

Spruce is white coloured, light, soft, flexible and naturally good looking. It is one of the strongest types of timber and is imported from Siberia. It doesn’t conduct heat and doesn’t leak resin. Spruce is the cheapest option but it is susceptible to rot therefore must be regularly treated and sealed. In order to make a spruce tub more durable it is necessary to impregnate the outside surface of the tub 2-3 times a year. You can use spruce hot tub up to 10 years if it is maintained according to our recommendations. The advantage of spruce hot tub is that it is lighter than those made of larch or other timber and can be easier moved from one place to another if necessary. Spruce is also a great choice with a plastic hot tub when it has no contact with the water.

Hot-tub-bain-nordiqueLarch is light red or brown coloured, strong, hard, water-proof and above all – rot resistant. Because of its density it is very durable even without additional finishing and requires no harmful chemicals to preserve it. It is virtually irreplaceable in situations where chemical finishing of wood is not permitted but its durability in all weather conditions must be guaranteed. Over time its resilience and density will only grow so you will be able to use a larch hot tub for 12-15 years. Hot tubs made from Siberian larch give the optimum price/quality combination.

Bain nordique en plastiqueThermowood (Wikipedia) is darker than natural wood, more weather-proof and more resistant to rot. Its insulation qualities are better, it suffers from less moisture deformation and is more stable. The manufacturing process of Thermowood is based on the use of high temperature and steam. No chemicals are used in its production.  The production process improves the dimensional stability and biological durability of the wood. Another improvement is in the insulation properties of the final material.  Thermally treated wood swells and shrinks about a quarter less than untreated wood. Therefore it is excellent for hot tubs and exterior saunas.

FOREST SPA can supply all of the above mentioned wood types with different surface finishing: lacquer, paint, scorching, etc. Please check our PHOTO GALLERY for more examples.

Varnished, painted, scorched hot tubs
Varnished, painted, scorched hot tubs

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT us if you are not sure which type of wood is the best for you. 


You can choose from 3 types of heaters:

  • Internal wood burning heater
  • External wood burning heater
  • Integrated wood burning heater

Advantages of internal heaters

  • Cheaper;
  • Pleasant atmosphere – enjoy the crackling of wood right beside you;
  • Easier to transport the tub to another place.

Bain nordique en fibre de verre

Advantages of external heaters

  • More space inside the tub, more freedom of movement;
  • Easier to clean the tub and the heater;
  • Easier to replace the heater when it is worn or damaged.

Bain nordique en plastique

Advantages of integrated heaters

  • Very short heating time since they are standing directly in the water;
  • Easy to load firewood into the heater.
  • Easier to clean the heater;
  • Pleasant atmosphere – enjoy the crackling of wood right beside you.

Bain nordique en plastiqueBain nordique en acrylique




If you were not able to choose a hot tub from our standard product range, FOREST SPA can produce a custom made hot tub for you. We can fabricate any size or shape – just ask for it! To meet customer demands we can install LED lighting, massage and water filtration systems. CONTACT us and let us know your particular choices.

Hot tub special order

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT us if you have more questions. You might also want to check PRICING AND DELIVERY conditions or you can ORDER your hot tub straight away.