DimensionsVolumeCapacityHeating time*Weight Spruce**Weight Larch**
Ø 100 cm700 litres1 person~2,5 hours70 kg-100 kg-
Ø 120 cm1000 litres2-3 persons~3 hours110 kg-150 kg-
Ø 140 cm1400 litres3-4 persons~3 hours150 kg-200 kg-
Ø 160 cm1800 litres3-5 persons~3,5 hours180 kg100 kg250 kg130 kg
Ø 180 cm2300 litres4-6 persons~3-4 hours200 kg120 kg280 kg150 kg
Ø 200 cm2800 litres7-10 persons~3-4 hours220 kg140 kg310 kg170 kg
Ø 220 cm3500 litres9-12 persons~4-5 hours240 kg160 kg340 kg190 kg
130x80 cm800 litres2 persons~2 hours80 kg-120 kg-
160x110 cm1400 litres2-4 persons~3 hours150 kg-210 kg-
170x100 cm750 litres1-2 persons~2 hours-100 kg-100 kg
*Approximate heating time when standard internal heater is used. Heating time may vary significantly (±1 hour) depending on initial water temperature and outside air temperature.
** Weight without heater. Weight of heater – 30-40 kg.
  • Material: Siberian Spruce, Siberian Larch, Oak or Thermowood;
  • Wall thickness: 4,5 cm;
  • Wall thickness with plastic interior: 2,5 cm;
  • Height: 104 cm;
  • Depth: 92 cm;
  • Bench height: 25 cm;
  • Base thickness: 3,5 cm;
  • Internal heater: standard – 18 kW, optional – 26 kW;
  • External hearter: standard – 22 kW, optional – 32 kW;
  • Integrated heater – 30 kW;
  • Chimney: 2 m length with rain cap;
  • Ladder: same material as tub;
  • Cover: standard – same material as tub, optional – soft tarpaulin;
  • Edge board on top rim: standard on plastic tub, optional on wooden tub;
  • External treatment: standard – linseed oil varnish, optional – paint, scorching;
  • Delivery: standard – fully assembled, optional – disassembled (assembly at customer site);
  • Orther dimentions available on request.

A hot tub produced by FOREST SPA consists of the following components:

  • Wooden hand-made barrel with strong beams under the bottom and adjustable stainless steel straps around it to tighten the planks.
  • Stainless steel heater (also called furnace or stove) – a metal container below the water in which you burn the wood. The heater has an opening with the lid above the water to load the wood. All our heaters are made of accurately welded highest grade 3 mm stainless steel. External heater is also available on request.
  • Chimney connected to the air pipe of the stove. This is a 2 meter long metal pipe with a rain cap that serves as a spark arrestor.
  • Benches all around, so you can sit, relax and enjoy your time with more comfort. On request benches can be made removable for easier cleaning.
  • Protective wooden panel around the stove protecting you from burning on a hot heater.
  • Drink holders (mini bar) attached to the wooden panel. Serving boards can also be placed on the side on request so that all the food and drinks are within a hand’s reach.
  • Ladder for easier access and exit of hot tub and a paddle to mix the water in a tub.
  • Wooden lid that keeps the water warm longer and prevents leaves or insects getting into the water. On request lid can be made lockable to prevent access to it. Flexible tarpaulin (tent cloth) cover is another option.
  • For most demanding customers water filtrationmassage system (SPA system) and LED lighting can be installed inside the hot tub as a special order.