Hot-tub-fabrication_bain-nordique1FOREST SPA is independent hot tub and sauna producer with more than 10 years of experience. It is a family owned company that has been started in 2009 and concentrating primarily on wood processing and production. Today we export an impressive range of products; we provide high quality, competitive prices and a friendly service.

Hot-tub-fabrication_bain-nordique2The FOREST SPA mission is to offer customized hot tubs, barrel saunas, gazebos (summerhouses) and their accessories. Our experience allows us to provide a full-range of the highest quality products with meticulous attention to excellence and craftsmanship down to the last detail on each and every product.

Our production facilities are based in Lithuania, however the wood is imported from Siberia or Finland. FOREST SPA exports more than 70% of its production. Our customers come from all across Europe: Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, UK and Switzerland. This web page inhottub.be was created to support our customers in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Netherlands with our representatives based in Zaventem.

Hot-tub-delivery_bain-nordique-livraisonOur long-term experience, skilled workforce, modern equipment and know-how enable us to produce beautiful high quality products. Today we have 55 specialists in our team. Our helpful staff can answer all hot tub and sauna related questions and can assist you with technical issues. We are always there for you when you need us and offer a friendly service even at late hours.

Eco friendly ISO 9001 IWPA